Protein Bars in Paris.

Staring at the ceiling of our 400-year-old apartment on our first afternoon in Paris, I was fairly certain we were going to starve to death. In fact, I had packed 12 protein bars in Abigail’s carryon luggage, just to be safe. The plane ride over the Atlantic had been an adventure in itself. Abigail’s brightly colored […]

The Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten.

Abigail said she wanted to eat something exotic for her tenth birthday dinner, something special, something very very French. We sat down at our little, perfectly clothed table. The one with big, bright windows over looking the Siene River, the one that we had dreamed about for our entire plane ride over the Atlantic. And turned […]

Tim Ferriss & Neil Strauss: The Creative Process

This was one of my most favorite days… I got to travel to Seattle, Washington to meet Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss to learn more about the creative process. (Don’t blink, or you’ll miss me). Check out the full interview here: Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss on the Creative Process Tim Ferriss Interviews Neil Strauss, […]

Big Sisters Rock

Emma and her big sister, Abigail, contemplating the mystery of the eternal oil spilll at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Abigail has told me countless times how much she wishes she had an older sister…and as a first-born daughter, I completely understand. But, the responsibility of being an amazing big sister is also a sweet one. Life […]

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