Tim Ferriss & Neil Strauss: The Creative Process

Meeting Neil Strauss at the Creative Live studio to learn more about his creative process.

This was one of my most favorite days… I got to travel to Seattle, Washington to meet Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss to learn more about the creative process. (Don’t blink, or you’ll miss me). Check out the full interview here: Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss on the Creative Process Tim Ferriss Interviews Neil Strauss, […]

Let’s have an adventure.

There is something wrong with me.


  There is something wrong with me. For months, I have dreamed about writing my first Mommy Adventurer blog post. However, as much as I have wanted to do this—as much as I have daydreamed about traveling the world with my four little girls and writing about our exciting adventures—*something* has been holding me back. […]